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Why Fabulous Fit Dress Forms?


Nothing translates fit like a life-like dress form!  Whether you are a fashion designer, clothing manufacturer, patternmaker, or just trying to create that perfect outfit, a Fabulous Fit Dress Form, with our Patented Fitting System, allows you to work simply, accurately and quickly. With Fabulous Fit you can identify your best proportions, posture, and actual body shape, right on your dress form! The contoured pads (included with every dress form) are slipped under a two-way stretch body cover to duplicate real bodies from straight, to very curvy, to severely asymmetrical!! Fitting becomes easy and your clothes will feel fabulous!


And…the Patented Fitting System (also sold separately), will bring any dress form, in any size, and by any brand, to life!


Leading professionals in the fashion industry rely on Fabulous Fit for duplicating their fit models and spec sheets on the dress form.  Bodies are ever changing, and designers find that by addressing the ratio of measurements of real bodies in their target market, (even if it means re-creating three different fit models on one dress form!), their returns diminish, as sales increase.


We Are Proud to Have Worked With the Best in the Fashion Industry:




You, too, can rely on Fabulous Fit for re-creating your body, your mother’s body, your sister’s body…and on and on! The accuracy and ease of seeing how your clothes will feel will turn “homemade” into “handmade”,or “customer returns” into “return customers” with every piece, or collection, you create. The possibilities are endless.