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Full Body Dress Form
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Patented Fitting System Included FREE

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The Perfect Dress Form, for Designers, Students, Beginners or Seasoned Professionals!

Designers change fit models effortlessly with the Fabulous Fit adjustable dress form.

Technical drawings are sent to factories, all over the world, and pads are placed to match the "new fit model shapes" on dress forms.

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At home, the same dress form matches your daughter, her friends, your mother, and yourself!

Best dress forms features make Fabulous Fit a leader in fit:

  • Two bendable arms that attach to the body for testing sleeves, elbow position and movement
  • Posture for today's modern woman; and shapes to be customized time and again.
  • Easy pinning at every area
  • Soft contoured and interchangeable pads (the Patented Fitting System) for shaping your dress form, or creating different sizes. It's like three dress forms in one, with all of the shapes for every size!

Seeing fabric fall over the natural curves of the body is where inspiration begins, and guesswork ends.

professional dress form
dress form on sale
professional dress form

The Professional Full Body Dress Forms include a neck to ankle cover for matching your shape at every area.

Shoulder pads, bust pads, side back pads and hip pads can be adjusted to re-create the vertical measurements as you build the form out to match a larger shape and size.

In addition to shaping the torso of the form, contoured pads can be placed at the thighs or upper legs on the dress form; for fitting pants, long dresses or sportswear.

The contoured pads will make your dress form ½ ” to 4” larger at any area; shoulders, bust, back, waist, thighs, stomach, upper hips or back hips.

By raising and lowering the pads on your dress form, you can create natural vertical measurements for a very tall, or for a petite dress form. The curves, or ‘love handles”, bust position, shoulder stance, or any number of singularities within a certain range of measurements are easily matched.

The soft bendable arms attach with metal plates so you can move them as your arms move; for checking sleeve adjustment, elbow position, length and stress across the back or shoulders.

In today’s cluttered marketplace, whatever feels good, sells…and what feels better than clothes that move with you and fit?

Whether you are changing fit models, changing sizes, or shaping your own personal dress form, fit is the key to your success!

Shapes and Sizes...

Every designer and manufacturer has an image of a person in mind for their target market. They know how old she is, how active she is, and how much she weighs. They also know if she is a student, a new bride, or a grandmother.

Female Dress Form Measurement Chart
12 3/4
12 3/4
13 1/4
13 3/4
14 1/4
14 3/4
15 1/4
32 3/4
33 3/4
34 3/4
35 3/4
36 3/4
38 1/4
39 3/4
24 3/4
25 1/4
25 3/4
26 3/4
27 3/4
29 1/4
30 3/4
34 3/4
35 1/4
35 3/4
36 3/4
37 3/4
39 1/4
40 3/4
5 1/4
5 1/4
5 1/4
5 1/4
5 1/2
5 3/4
6 3/4
6 1/4
7 1/4
7 1/4
7 1/2
7 3/4
13 1/2
14 1/4
14 1/2
14 3/4
15 1/4
14 1/4
14 1/2
14 3/4
15 1/4
15 1/2
16 1/4
16 1/2
16 3/4
17 1/4
17 1/2

And it’s fun!

Through working with major players in the design industry, for example, we know that the average woman who is a size 8, has 37” hips, she is 5’4”, and her shape is particular to her age group and body changes.

Every area of the body and posture is taken into consideration with the Fabulous Fit Fitting System, for the shapes you'll need for duplicating fit models, or fitting your self!!

When quality counts, and fit makes a difference, nothing translates like Fabulous Fit!

Special Features Included

• hand crafted contoured body form
• collapsible shoulders
• automatic foot pedal for height adjustment
• cast iron base with pole & spring
• wheels
• European linen cover
• neck cap
• egg top
• 100% pinnable

Special Accessories Included

1 Patented Fitting System with covers (PFS)
Easily adjust your form to match your fit model. Our contoured pads will easily shape your form.

2 Arms with metal plates.

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