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Table of contents

Lesson 1 - Understanding Cut

Action & Reaction
The Patented Fitting System

Lesson 2 - Visualize

Analyzing Asymmetrical Bodies
Planning is Your Secret

Lesson 3 - The First Sample

Choose and Organize the Pattern
Testing the Pattern
Preparing the Fabric
Positioning the Pattern & Cutting
Making it Happen
Seeing the "FIT" of Your Blouse
The Sleeve
The Pattern
The Shoulder Line
The Blouse Bodice

Lesson 4 - The Fitting Sequence

The Fitting Sequence
Adjusting the Size
Altering the Shoulder Seam
Adjusting the Shoulder Line Neckline
Changing the Arms eye
Altering the Side Seam
Underarm Ease

Lengthwise Shoulder Alteration
Summary of Alterations
The Line of the Arms eye
Checking the Body Vs. Form
Testing the Sleeve
Setting In the Sleeve
Accuracy and Detail

Lesson - 5 The Second Fitting

Checking Your Work
Checking the Sleeve

The Wrist Line
The Neckline
The Hemline

Lesson - 6 Creating The Pattern

Planning the Pattern
Making the Pattern
Using the Corrected Pattern
Vintage, Cheap Chic...

Lesson - 7 Universal Design

Fitting Pants on a Dress Form

Lesson - 8 The End


Fit Made Easy©

dress form workbook

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dress form book

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Fabulous Fit® Fit Made Easy Book

"Catch 22" Dress Forms & Fitting Secrets Revealed© The Only Comprehensive Workbook on Fitting and Using a Dress Form!

Authors: Massimo Barra & Jill Ralston
fashion designers and Fabulous Fit® founder

Some of the most celebrated universities in the United States as well as overseas have been using the knowledge acquired from this master book to use in their advanced class rooms. In today's fast paced environment teachers often focus their efforts on patternmaking sometimes avoiding the most essential and basic part of fashion "FIT".

Interested in making clothes that FIT? Save money, time, and avoid tedious fittings!

Have you ever wondered: Why your sleeve pulls? Why your pants need tugging down in front, or tucking up in back? Why your skirt pulls across the stomach, or twists to one side? Why a side seam ripples, or a collar slips back? Why necklines pinch, or a butt sags? Can such a minor annoyance, as well as dozens of other fitting problems ruin your day? Absolutely!

Are you tired of spending money on commercial patterns that DO NOT fit? What if you had the solution to this problem?

Many pattern making companies have tried to resolve this issue, but the truth is there is no way to adjust a commercial pattern to FIT your exact measurements and shape unless you make the alterations right on the person or on a dress form that duplicates your body.

Even with today's technology, software is only capable of performing specific functions like scanning and calculating. FIT, however, encompasses essential elements and detailed procedures that are related to the fabric, design, proportions, ease, and construction.

The "Catch 22" Dress Forms & Fitting Secrets Revealed© book is filled with fitting guidelines, gathered from our 20 years experience in fashion design, wardrobe for television, pattern making, and tailoring. By following the simple principles contained in this book, you will learn the secrets and tricks that the experts know, and your creativity will soar to new heights as you carefully follow and consciously break the rules.

The technique of seeing how your clothes FIT, involves a few simple principles in training your hands and eyes to connect. With understanding and practice, you will develop a three-dimensional point of view as a new fitting guideline in working with the flat pattern. This is design.

Not only will you understand the cut, look, and feel of beautifully made clothes, but by comparing your new pattern to the initial commercial pattern, you will see what a "three-dimensional FIT" looks like on paper and you will be able to easily make the alterations to FIT your needs at your own pace.

Save money, time, and avoid tedious fittings!
After reading the invaluable information contained in this book, you will be able to break the rules by understanding the top 10 essential ingredients of sewing.
  • Avoid common mistakes that can cost you lots of money
  • Save yourself from tedious fittings
  • Never go back to "cut & pray" again
  • Make wrinkles disappear like magic
  • Create your perfect outfit the first try!
  • Work on tops as well as bottoms with unbelievable ease
  • Play with fabrics and patterns using dress forms and real bodies
  • Understand the difference between "bodice and body"
  • Learn the secrets and tricks that the experts know
  • Use your knowledge to create extra income

Why guess around when you can have it all? As a matter fact this is the only book that focuses on the relationship between "bodice and body" using dress forms as mediums. There is no other book that shows you how to address fitting mistakes on a real body, compare it to the bodice of the form, study the main differences, fix and translate the problems into a successful FIT following your own body measurements, and shape as you work on commercial patterns

We will show you why a dress form is a must have for beginners and professionals, and the problems that you can encounter by not using one. We will also show you with detailed digital pictures the basic steps of a perfectly constructed bodice which are very often overlooked and are critical for building up a perfectly fitted and well balanced piece of clothing

As you can see in the "table of contents" on the left side of the screen, the book explains in details the action and reaction of each alteration at each area of the body and bodice of the dress form.

All you need to know is in this book!
You will own all the Fitting Secrets and essential Fitting Solutions that you need to turn your sewing experience into a walk in the park

Once you own the "Catch 22" Dress Forms & Fitting Secrets Revealed© book, you will start saving an unbelievable amount of money on fabric and patterns that do not work, and also save so much time by avoiding mistakes and tedious fittings that you will ask yourself: why didn't they write this book before?

This little investment can literally save you thousands of dollars especially if you are in the sewing business. This is an opportunity that happens once in a life time, and it is definitely the one you cannot afford to miss!

This master work book plus detailed information on how to view it and print it will be automatically downloaded right to your mail box.

I really encourage you to turn this little investment into a great opportunity.

Making the right investment is the SECRET, making it happen is YOUR CHOICE!

The book is FREE with the purchase of our Pro Series Forms!

Tell your friends about this book they will appreciate it!

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