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Patended Fitting System

Fabulous Fit Dress Form System - Threads Magazine Gift Guide Editor's Pick, Dec 2011/Jan 2012

Ever wonder why a sleeve pulls, a side seam puckers, or why you can't move in your beautiful new jacket? You need Fabulous FitĀ®! Fabulous FitĀ®...the dress form fitting solution for all body shapes and sizes!

Our Fabulous Fit® Fitting System includes interchangeable life-like contoured pads and a cover (with industry grain lines) that allow women who wear the same size but are shaped differently, to customize each area of the bosom, waist, hips, butt, and thighs on the dress form. Now you can duplicate your fit model, mother, daughter, and clients using only one dress form.

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Now you can see exactly how your clothes will look and feel!

Thirteen contoured pads (and 4 filler pads) address the shoulder area (wide and sloping), the bust, (higher or lower), side back (for a wider back), stomach, upper hips, thighs and back hips; duplicating curves, vertically and horizontally! Stretch covers hold all the pads securely in place.

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And even change sizes up to three sizes!

The soft contoured pads adhere to the form under the stretch cover. As you pull the cover over the form, tuck the pads under the cover at the vertical and horizontal measurements. Then check the shape and measurement, try something of your fit model's (or your own), on the form and continue padding the next area. In addition to the soft contoured pads, there are filler pads that tuck under any of the contoured pads to further increase the measurement. Your form will have a life-like touch to work with and pin into. It's like a real person!

You will easily identify why your jacket pulls across the shoulder, and as you see the fabric falling over the curves of the body, you will also see the adjustments needed to change the seam, or where to add the dart, or the pocket. Even hemming is easy when the fabric falls over the natural curves of the body.

What a difference a shape makes! The possibilities are endless with Fabulous Fit®! It works with any dress form! PATENTED

Choosing Your Fitting System Size

Patented Fitting System Target Measurements | Check your dress form basic measurements against the following measurement chart, and choose a size that you would like your dress form to be.

Bust 30 to 34
Waist 22 to 25
Hips 32 to 34
Bust 35 to 37
Waist 26 to 32
Hips 35 to 39
Bust 38 to 43
Waist 33 to 39
Hips 40 to 43
Bust 44 to 55
Waist 40 to 48
Hips 44 to 56
List Price: $127
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Thank you for the overwhelming response to our fitting system!

Need to Increase Your Dress Form Size Even More? Get Extra Padding!

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