Dress Form Fitting System

Fabulous Fit® Complete Dress Form Fitting System

Dress Form Fitting System

Fabulous Fit® Complete Dress Form Fitting System

Our Fabulous Fit® Fitting System is full featured padding kit for a dress form to help you shape your dress form and increase its measurements. Created by designers, for designers.

Each fitting system comes with 13 body-contoured pads (bust, shoulder, stomach, side back/ waist, upper hip, back hip/ butt and thigh pads), 4 filler pads to further increase their measurements, and a Made-in-USA stretch cover with princess seams to hold the pads in place and cover them up.

Sizing - the sizes are based on the form size after the pads are added. Small is for 0-4, Medium for 6-10, Large for 12-16 and XL for 18 and 20.

Shipping and Returns

There is no charge for shipping within continental United States for orders over $49. We ship with UPS Ground and USPS. Orders are typically able to ship within 1-5 business days following the order. For rush orders, please contact us.

We accept returns from within contintal United States for a complete refund. Please see here for more information.

As low as $85

How the Fitting System Works

The measurements of a dress form are fixed in the specific size of the form. If you would like to increase one or more of the dress form's measurements, this padding kit system is for you. Our patented Fabulous Fit® Fitting System (also referred to as the Fabulous Fit® Padding Kit) contains a wide range of the specially designed body-contoured foam pads, filler pads and a stretch cover with industry princess seams. Simply add pads to the bust to get a larger bust area, add pads to the waist to get a larger waist size, etc. The body-contoured pads will allow you increase any of the primary measurements up 1 to 3 inches. Should you want to further increase the size, simply add the filler pads underneath the body-contoured pads. The pads are held in place on the dress form and cover up with the included stretch cover.

About the Sizing

Our Fitting System is available in 4 sizes for 3 body types and in 2 color choices. The actual pads (the 13 body-contoured pads and the 4 filler pads) are all the same size throughout our different size ranges and choices. What changes is the size of the stretch cover included in the system. The stretch cover is designed to hold the pads in place and cover them up. It cannot be too tight that the pads do fit underneath and cannot be too loose that the pads are not held in place. This is why we have 4 sizes. Please see the measurement chart nearby. You should choose your padding kit size based off the final size you want the form (or a specific measurement on the form) to be after the pads are added. This will make sure that the stretch cover will be the right fit for the dress form adjustments you are doing.

  Small Medium Large XL
Bust 30 to 34 35 to 37 38 to 43 44 to 50
Waist 22 to 25 26 to 32 33 to 39 40 to 48
Hips 32 to 34 35 to 39 40 to 43 44 to 51

Note: these measurements are for the "desired size" (meaning the dress form measurement size after the pads are added). All sizes in inches.